Smart Business

We develop businesses integrating technology.

Make your business smarter


Implementation and expensive maintenance

Their administrative systems are isolated and do not have online access.

Little attention span

Manages customers in a physical way, preventing the broad development of market opportunities

High investment

It implies higher costs in human resources and infrastructure for the exploitation of its market


Affordable initial development

Integrate cloud management platforms that provide multiple business solutions

Affordable initial development

Clients are managed digitally through multiple channels because the processes are streamlined through the use of technological tools

Investment under a scaled scheme

It efficiently manages resources under a systematic scheme of outsourcing of business units, while preserving its optimal original organizational structure.

Invest in the growth of your business

Our Smart Business solutions are an investment that will allow your business to grow continuously as you interact with the process of design, development, operation and measurement of progressive performance for the evolution of the company.

How Sinergyz Smart Business develops in your business

Each business has its specific needs, so we have developed a flexible scheme to deliver our Smart Business capabilities combining different forms of contracting on demand, outsourcing, strategic alliances and partnerships.

Sinergyz Smart Business Solutions

Our business strategy, marketing and technology capabilities are packaged in multiple solutions for business development ranging from business plan development, Digital Marketing, CRM implementation, to advanced software development with artificial intelligence structures.

Smart Business Factory

We create and transform business from its concept to its operation and subsequent evolution. We integrate our capabilities to develop disruptive and profitable businesses.

Who is it for?

New business, Start-ups

Projects to develop new businesses from their initial stage that want to have a strong technological base and aligned with the current paradigms of new ventures.

Companies looking to transform

Traditional companies from different commercial sectors such as services or industrial companies that wish to adapt to the new market innovation requirements that seek to integrate new ways of doing business.

New products or lines of business

Organizations that are in the process of designing, developing or launching a new products or line of business leveraged in the technological platforms currently available.

¡Make your business smarter!

Take advantage of our technology platforms now.